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Member Organizations

Eligibility Membership of the ISCC consists of service clubs, community organizations, and government entities. The requirements for membership are a desire to be a member of the Council, a willingness to participate in its activities and a designation of a representative to attend Council meetings.

  • • The main criterion is that the requesting organization shall by intention and action provide significant services within Greater Manassas.

  • • The organization, by its application, indicates its readiness to act cooperatively with other ISCC member organizations, seeking to avoid conflicts and to encourage sharing and partnership.

  • • Ideally, the proposed Member would have a recognizable presence within Greater Manassas (e.g. meets within the Greater Manassas area, engages in public events in the area; etc.)

  • • The well established and good reputation of the applying organization will be an important criterion for membership.

  • • No applicant will be accepted into the ISCC for the primary purpose of seeking business or for engaging in fund-raising.

  • • No applicant will be accepted into the ISCC for the primary purpose of engaging in partisan political activity (e.g. supporting particular candidates for office, lobbying for legislation or regulations).

Representation. All member organizations of the ISCC shall appoint a designated representative and an alternate to serve as its voting representative.